Training Delts & Triceps (feat. Sandra)

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  • I am interested in your meal plans and may be some cardio work out, but I am 61 and I do have a gym membership. I don’t want a meal plans with a lot of shakes.

    Mildred Peters on
  • What’s up Chris, new to your videos, been following the past 4 months, my question is I’m planning on purchasing the meal plan for 200 lbs and over, but for the workout plans, does it consist of going to the gym or can I do it home since I just bought a home gym, it’s important to know because I rather workout at home but I want to make sure I have the correct equipment before buying. Thanks, keep up the great work!

    Maurice Miller on
  • Hey this is going to be the easiest question yet I just want to know two things. #1. how old are you & #2 when will you get more 1xred and black hoody joints?

    Frank Brice on
  • love your website bro stay awesome

    Devin Nixon on
  • Just like too say that I really enjoy the videos and Chris and Vince’s work that they put. Keep up the great work.

    Don’t forget too like my shit! Comment! Subscribe and holla back?

    Andy Zabala on

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