Training Arms & Having Supreme Mindset For Gains

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  • Keep it up bro. Thanks for all your help. These videos and workouts are helping me tremendously. Glad to finally have a natural bodybuilder who is willing to help. The key to all this is understanding. These videos shows me a lot that I was doing wrong and never knew why the gains were not where they should. So Thanks.

    Edward D on
  • Chris Jones, i love your work brotha. Keep it up and thank you for the wonderful advice you give. Because of your vids im not losing any motivation….. love to hear from you! – FURY

    Josiah The Furious Johnson on
  • Who is Vince?

    Leo on
  • never heard of POF before…. @Vincefan

    Good guy ryan on
  • Wow, you stole POF from vince. You feel good about yourself?

    You probably do, but you shouldn’t.

    Vince fan on

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