How To Do Shoulder Press (Dumbbell & Barbell)

Posted by Chris Jones at

This is a clip from my new push,pull,leg program available at

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  • Hey, Chris great information. I have been lifting for years and it’s great to see someone just as a excited bout weight lifting & bodybuilding as I am. I love the sport and the benefits it brings. I have been watching your vids on YouTube maybe for that past year. You have helped me with my over all lifting program. In short thanks bruh, look forward to seeing your post from LA Fit Expo hope to meet you one day soon and even get a workout with you if possible.

    Dana Holland on
  • when you gonna get more clothes your sold out of just about everything

    david on
  • Any chance of a future 140-165 program for men?

    steven allen on
  • Gonna start throwing dumbbell shoulder press into my routine thanks man

    Michael Phoenix on

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