How Did I Get Leaner Without Tracking Macros?

Posted by Chris Jones at

Watch How I Got Leaner WIthout Dieting Here:

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  • Hi there Chris im trying to figure out how to get started i have the same exact boby stature as you did when you started working out i really need your help i will pay for your services i just simply dont know how to lol on here

    kahlial on
  • Chris, I need help with this macro stuff and I really don’t know where to begin. I understand all the healthier foods and what to eat. But how do I put them together for a proper way of hitting macros without going over? By the way, I like the vids you put out man, awesome stuff. Congrats on all the success. You deserve it.

    A. Cole on
  • Beast mode. I just wanna say, that your shit works just started 4 like 6 month’s ago and “Daam” myshit pop’s up like popcorn I mean( my guns, my back, my chest all over man.. just wanna say Thknx man 4 the good job. just by watchin’ and listen you on youtube… ((from Sweden))

    Abdiweli on
  • Hey chris i love waching your youtube video can you send me tips to get big and want to eat i work out in school and i go to the any time fitness

    luis on
  • Wassup Chris, My name is Tray ive been doing the whole bulking and cutting thing for a while and I’ve made slight gains. I recently just went on a dirty bulk and now its time for me to cut again. At about 188 I start seeing my hard work pay off but I think its time to get straight out hoe ready. I bulked up to about 217. I think I could be really hoe ready at about a flat 180. What plan of yours would best help me reach my goals. I work security in the Navy so 12 hour shifts kick me in the ass but I always make time for the gym so if you can email me back ASAP im ready to get started man. Appreciate you

    Trayvond Strickland on

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