December 18th 2014: Get Well Developed Biceps

Posted by Chris Jones at

checkout How to do dumbbell curls below!


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  • I’m 5 1" and weigh 107 pounds- I do figure shows. Do you have meal plan for bulking and then cutting for me?

    KAren on
  • Hey I’ve been wanting to get one of your training programs but I’m not quite 160 pounds yet, would you still recomend that program for me?

    ALonso on
  • Man u got too keep ur t’s & hoodie on deck I’ve been trying too get 3 of those bitches but they always sold out.

    Clarence on
  • I love the new videos, I can’t wait to try this. Thanks!

    Steve on
  • Ilove the bicep and shoulder tips you gave it helped me out alot i also tried the FST7 for my chest and back and i am sore as crap keep up the good job and i will be looking out for more training. Also looking forward to you doing a video training series.

    Thomas Yancey on

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