The Pros & Cons Of Tracking Macros

Posted by Chris Jones at

Watch this vid for the good and bad sides of tracking macros

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  • I agree that my fitness pal is great for counting macros. Even if you aren’t trying to count macros specifically, but maybe are trying to cut calories for weight loss. Either way, it’s a good app. The only problem I have is that I did platue even though I was counting macros, calories, water intake and exercise after losing 25 pounds.

    Tabitha Reynolds on
  • Another great video man, no more “Platoos” Hahah.

    Ryan on
  • Do you believe in trying to get your macros with food before you start drinking protein shakes or does it really not matter

    ben on
  • Hey Chris do u fuck with protein bars? never see u with protein bars/cookies. Ive managed to find a cookie with 30g protein 5g sugar and 4g sat fat ?

    ian on
  • Yo chris what’s good homie just a quick 1 how long do you consider a cut diet for before bulking again?

    mustafa on

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