How Did I Get Leaner Without Tracking Macros?

Posted by Chris Jones at

Watch How I Got Leaner WIthout Dieting Here:

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  • Wassup Chris, My name is Tray ive been doing the whole bulking and cutting thing for a while and I’ve made slight gains. I recently just went on a dirty bulk and now its time for me to cut again. At about 188 I start seeing my hard work pay off but I think its time to get straight out hoe ready. I bulked up to about 217. I think I could be really hoe ready at about a flat 180. What plan of yours would best help me reach my goals. I work security in the Navy so 12 hour shifts kick me in the ass but I always make time for the gym so if you can email me back ASAP im ready to get started man. Appreciate you

    Trayvond Strickland on
  • Good information. Keep up the good work. Your an inspiration in the fitness world. My goals are to be lean. Want to drop 25 to 30 pounds. I’m 200 now. 5’ 8". I’ll be following your progress to fuel my motivation.

    Rick on
  • Hey Chris! Awesome video man with really great tips, looking forward to more!

    Jonas C on
  • you stay “hoe” ready LOL

    Haq on
  • Hey Chris, completely agree with you on the hoe ready thing. Its funny how most guys feel like they need to look like Mr. Olympia to impress a girl but in reality girls get impressed with a small amount of gains haha. But anyways love the channel bro, been watching since your very first cooking with chris video came and i’m still here supporting. POG Fam!

    Peter on

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