How Did I Get Leaner Without Tracking Macros?

Posted by Chris Jones at

Watch How I Got Leaner WIthout Dieting Here:

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  • Extremely inspirational bro! I wish you all the best in your pursuit of your goals! Screw em haters man, do what you want!

    Joel on
  • Hey Chris. You are looking in such great condition right now and yes, prob the best i have seen you and i have followed you from the start. You are so much better in front of the camera these days, much more natural. you are a constant inspiration for me and i will try much harder to get my BF down but struggle losing weight. respect to you for keeping up with youtube and great hearing what you said in this video. keep doing what you do brother.

    carl on
  • Hey Chris, I’ve been watching for over a year now. I’m an intermediate lifter and I appreciate all of your help. I really wanted to say that you’re doing a great job man. You’ve managed to stay grounded in spite of your success. So little space, and so much to say. In short, keep it up brother.

    Damon on

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